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Suspect arrested in connection to Friday evening fire in Bluffton
A late Friday fire in a mobile home neighborhood on a hot day in Bluffton. A man was arrested after he lit pants on fire and put them on the mobile home. (Published on, July 6, 2012)

Client abducts Anderson attorney
An attorney in Anderson had taken one of his clients from jail on temporary release to go to a Social Security hearing in Indianapolis. On their way back to the jail, the client held the attorney at knifepoint, tied him up and left him in a park, then stole his SUV. I was able to talk to the attorney for this first-day story.
(Published July 8, 2008, in The Herald Bulletin)

Fugitive nabbed after chase, truck crash
After he abducted his attorney and left him tied up in a park near Anderson, Richard Lee Hudson fled the vicinity. But about five days later, Chesterfield police found him while he was purchasing some goods at a local gas station. I was in the newsroom until after midnight waiting for the drama to unfold as the man stole a truck, crashed it during a high-speed chase, then tried to kill himself in front of police. This was the same night that another man was trapped in a 15-foot trench, a man was found murdered in Elwood, and the Pendleton police initiated a large drug raid. Needless to say, the other reporter on duty and I were running on adrenaline for most of the night. (Published July 12, 2008, in The Herald Bulletin)

Heroic rescue: Team rescues man from trench
On the same evening as the previous story, a man was trapped in a 15-foot-deep hole while he tried to dig a tap into a sewer line without a permit. Police and rescue teams from five cities assisted with the rescue.
(Published July 12, 2008, in the The Herald Bulletin)

Mother seeks justice for son’s death
Henry O. Bryant was raised in Anderson, Indiana. In March, the 35-year-old father of one was in an O’Charley’s restaurant in Indianapolis when he got into an argument with police and was hit with a stun gun. He died shortly after. Friends and witnesses of the incident say Bryant was not being combative, and now his mother Rita Abrams is suing the police department for his death. I was the first reporter she’d talk to after his death.
(Published on May 25, 2008, in The Herald Bulletin)

Man shoots wife, surrenders
In the middle of the day, police were called to a quiet neighborhood in Anderson after a neighbor called about gunshots in the area. On arrival, they found a woman lying dead on her driveway and her husband holed inside the house with his mother, brother and children. He surrendered to police two-and-a-half hours later. (Published on April 24, 2008, in The Herald Bulletin)

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