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Deer Hunting

As Online Editor of The Ball State Daily News, I tried to find opportunities to incorporate multimedia into stories and packages that went into the newspaper. This interactive element accompanied a story about female hunters at Ball State. It was published on the site November 16, 2006.


For Ball Bearings, a photographer and I followed a student who enjoyed skydiving on his weekends. The story was published on the site on April 29, 2005.

Campus Nutrition

This is the first Flash game I made. It was created to go with a series of stories about campus nutrition. Published on the Ball Bearings Web site in April 2005.

The Poet

For my first project with Ball Bearings, I went to an open mic night at a local coffee shop and met Jeremy, a singer, poet and artist, who just had an interesting story to tell. This project introduced me to Flash and digital storytelling. It was published on the Ball Bearings site in October 2004.