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Geekend #2

November 11th, 2011 by pixelmixer

Transmedia Storytelling: Connecting Consumers to Brands through Modern Storytelling

This is one of my areas of interest, so it was only natural for me to attend this session from Meghan Gargan. In graduate school, I got extremely interested in the use of multiple platforms to send a message. In fact, my original proposal for my thesis was identifying the best use for each medium in telling a story. This is still an area I love to read about, and so this session really struck my fancy.

Using her definition of transmedia storytelling as” telling a story through multiple platforms with each new platform adding to the story,” Gargan differentiated the term from cross-media storytelling by saying that with transmedia storytelling, the user experiences a different part of the story with each platform and they can’t get that from any other platform.

She defined two models– franchise and Portmanteau– for creating a transmedia experience.

Using Coca-Cola, Old Spice and Barbie, she illustrated how retail could use storytelling to redefine their brands and get loyal fans to stick with them. I think my favorite part of the discussion, though, was how the Department of Education and teachers could use transmedia storytelling to increase test scores. I think this is definitely an area for more research, and I’d love to see how a school would use the experience to keep kids engaged in their own education.

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